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Your Bridge to Central America

Your Bridge to Central America


to MxMarket, a company that provides the best International Platform for Innovative Businesses. We congratulate you if you already noticed how critical it is to explore new markets, having said that, we now must tell you that unfortunately if you are just realizing that: you are late to this race!.

Luckily, MxMarket offers you a guiding hand and a boost to position your idea, quickly and efficiently. What now looks as foreign will soon be friendly enough. We can help you out through what it might be still unknown territories: Our Home.

Either you need to expand current sales or extend your product/service life cycle; WE offer a share of the best networking and prepared professionals in the Latin-American market. 

We love to focus.

Throughout these years, MxMarket has specialized in three main areas:


“The need for innovation will never perish – in fact, given the economic situation it is greater than ever before. Growth is a central government priority, and innovation is a key enabler of growth.” Iain Gray, UK Technology Strategy Board Chief Executive.

In MxMarket we are a bridge between solid company leads and Government instances. Our company aspires to be a magnet for innovative businesses, where technology is effectively and sustainably applied to enhance quality of life and wealth.

In MxMarket we convene and facilitate.

Military and Security

Not being a victim is not the sole motive of individuals seeking your services and products; is the pleasant feeling of security what helps us reaching potential clients in Latin-America.

Smart use of technology enhances personal well being as it improves real and perceived safety. Tech based offer can be used to identify perpetrators, we promote products that discourage crime.

We are looking forward to represent companies that increase this “feeling of security".


Commercial / Retail

 We pride ourselves on introducing new innovative commercial products every year. If you have an out of the box good then trust us: MXMarket will connect you with your next Latin American partners.


MxMarket is determined to remove trade barriers for you while bringing the best of Israel & Latin-American organizations together. We choose our projects and we choose our clients so you have no option but succeeding in what you do better: Create.