Your Bridge to Central America

Your Bridge to Central America

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MxMarket – Your Bridge to Central America, proudly present you with Outsourcing and Offshore solutions (Business Processes Outsourcing) in partnership with  CONNECT EVERYWHERE located in Mexico and in the USA.

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Mexico has become in the last few years in a very important center for Outsourcing and Offshore services on Technology Areas, being better that other centers located in the India or Philippines. What makes Mexico better in this Technological Areas is the high education and experience on human resources.
According to experts Mexico is considered the "nearshore outsourcing hub of the United States". Now clients in Israel can enjoy also of this services through MxMarket.

Mexico ranks among the top three countries with the largest GDP expenditure on education with 6.4 percent. It only follows Israel and the United States, at 7.9 and 6.4 respectively.

Mexico is taking steps to improve its information technology talent resource, collaborating with the World Bank and Ministry of Economy of Mexico in creating Mexico FIRST which will set aside USD $40 million to subsidize the training and career certification programs of its IT students. Through this program they will be able to access better networking certification programs.

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Mexico has "technological ecosystems" clustered within different regions - the start of 2010 saw 28 IT clusters in Mexico. The interaction between the government, the industry, and academia has created IT activity, such as electronic design, nanotechnology and multimedia, BPO, and software development.

Offshore and Outsourcing = Mexico.

ConnectEverywhere is one of the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) leaders in the region :
"Providing Agile Business Process Outsourcing Solutions to leading enterprises since 2003"

Connect Everywhere offers Off/NearShore Services and outsourcing in several areas.

Utilizing Agile development methodologies, both for project and team management, we offer our customers visibility over the development process, delivering short timeframes in application delivery and predictable code maintenance and deployments. By continuously delivering customer developments, our customers can periodically update the priority of components and better manage their budget.

We have been providing Business Processes management/consulting and Software Development services to corporations worldwide. Our focus is on providing value-based services for our clients that deliver exceptional customer experience, and do so effectively.

These Business Process Outsourcing solutions are targeted for enterprises looking for a high quality services delivered from a nearshore location, offering:


• Optimized staffing flexibility
• Complete transparency of solution implementation
• Dynamic monitoring of key performance indicators
• Reduced cost without compromising on quality or response time.


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Our associates are distinguished by their commitment to deliver solutions beyond the customer expectations. To achieve this, they are always learning and researching the latest tools and methodologies, and looking how these can be applied to a customer requirement in a efficient and cost effective way.

The solutions delivered include the development of software programs, consulting in the area of business processes definition, implementation and improvement, staff augmentation for software development organizations and integrated contact center solution for customers in the outsourcing, publishing, pharma, financial, social networking and internet spaces.

Our experience in the following technologies:


- Functional programming (PHP4)
- Object Oriented programming (PHP5)
- Zend Framework (PHP framework)
Content Managment (CMS)

 - Drupal 6 & Drupal 7
  - Wordpress (basic)
  - MODx (basic)
- Functional programming
- Object oriented programming
- jQuery
- ExtJS
- MooTools
- Prototype
- CORS fundamentals

* Design
- CSS 3
- Twitter Bootstrap (basic)
- Photoshop (basic)
Web servers
- Apache 2
 - IIS
Programming languages
  - PHP
  - C#.Net (desktop & ASP.Net)
  - Java
- Oracle 11g
  - MySQL 5.0+
  - MS SQL Server 2005+
  - Postgress (beginner)
  - Mongo DB (beginner)
REST APIs Amazon EC2
Google Maps & Bing Maps APIs
Web applications Testing

  - Selenium IDE
  - Selenium 2

  - Code auditing / Code review


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