Your Bridge to Central America

Your Bridge to Central America


Based on our knowledge development through the years of the international arena, and specifically the Central America Market we have established the best methodology to help innovators make a presence on this markets.

In MxMarket we are professional advisers, traders and researchers. We are both consultants and representatives of great Companies willing to establish successful business relationships in Central America. Contact us, request a username to our private intranet. You will find useful information, tools and forms needed to start your business relationships at Latinamerica right now!.

We guarantee you: someone is looking for exactly what you are offering. You’d be surprised how similar markets behave and how global we have become. Your needs are either already required or about to be. Trust us: You have arrived.

We are the company that can bring your product or service to new market, a market that is willing to receive innovative products that help to address its needs. 

We are able to find your company the partner, distributor or client that best suits your needs in the best conditions, creating WIN-WIN relationships.

Some of our services:

  • Marketing research and evaluation.
  • Product introduction, adaptation, and approval coordination. 
  • Understanding Local Practices
  • Identifying Key Buyers
  • Develop partners & distributors
  • Local Language Web Site
  • Counter purchase and technology transfer assistance. 
  • Financial and insurance resource identification and negotiation .
  • Translate marketing, user, and service documents.